Millicent Prince

File Type: Mortgage
File Number: M0909-2020
Act: Mortgage Brokerages, Lenders and Administrators Act, 2006
Applicant: Milicent Prince, Counsel: Andrew Rogerson, Rogerson Law Group
Respondent: Chief Executive Officer, Counsel: Marie Abraham

Hearing Date Information: 11/17/2020 Pre-Hearing Conference by teleconference;
02/26/2021 Pre-Hearing Conference by teleconference (adjourned);
03/17/2021 Pre-Hearing Conference by teleconference (adjourned);
04/30/2021 Pre-Hearing Conference by teleconference (adjourned);
06/09/2021 Pre-hearing conference by teleconference (adjourned);
07/23/2021 Pre-hearing conference by teleconference;
08/24/2021 Pre-hearing conference by teleconference;
09/14/2021 Pre-hearing conference by teleconference;
11/16/2021 - 11/19/2021, 11/22/2021, 11/24/2021 Hearing



Request for hearing filed: 09/18/2020
Reasons for Decision: 03/08/2022
Appeal to Divisional Court: 03/29/2022