Appendix B - Participation Fees for Witnesses

1. Participation allowance for each full or partial day of necessary participation: ....... $50

2. Travel allowance, where the hearing is held,
(a) in a city or town in which the witness resides, $3.00 for each day of necessary participation;
(b) within 300 kilometres of where the witness resides, 24¢ a kilometre each way between his or her residence and the place of the hearing;
(c) more than 300 kilometres from where the witness resides, the minimum return air fare plus 24¢ a kilometre each way from his or her residence to the airport and from the airport to the place of the hearing;
3. Overnight accommodation and meal allowance, where the witness resides elsewhere than the place of hearing and is required to remain overnight, for each overnight stay: ......... $75
Note: These fees reflect the attendance fees paid to witnesses in the Superior Court of Justice in Ontario on January 1, 2011 and are subject to change.