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Case Calendar

All FST hearings, motions and pre-hearing conferences scheduled within the next 90 days are posted in the calendar. Hearings are open to the public, unless the FST has ordered otherwise. If you would like to attend a hearing, please contact the FST Registrar two business days in advance of the date.

April 2024

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Monday, April 1
Tuesday, April 2
Wednesday, April 3
Thursday, April 4
Friday, April 5
Monday, April 8
Tuesday, April 9
Wednesday, April 10
Thursday, April 11
Friday, April 12
Monday, April 15
Tuesday, April 16
Wednesday, April 17
Thursday, April 18
Friday, April 19
Monday, April 22
Tuesday, April 23
Wednesday, April 24
Thursday, April 25
Friday, April 26
Monday, April 29
Tuesday, April 30