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Service Standards

In accordance with the OPS Service Directive, the Financial Services Tribunal has developed service standards to meet the Directive’s mandatory requirements to:

​Service ​Standard Target (%) 2022-2023
Actual (%)
Actual (%)
Actual (%)
Actual (%)
​​Issue of letter acknowledging receipt of new Request for Hearing or Notice of Appeal ​​​Acknowledgement letter to be sent within 5 calendar days ​100 100 100 100 99
​​Confirm pre-hearing date ​​Pre-hearing date to be confirmed within 35 calendar days of filing a perfected Request for Hearing or Notice of Appeal, unless otherwise ordered by the hearing/appeal panel chair. The Registrar may set the first pre-hearing date to comply with this standard if a party is non-responsive or unwilling to agree to a date​ ​90 86 100 100 100
​​Issue decision with reasons ​​Decision to be issued within 90 calendar days from the final day of hearing​ ​90 100 93 95 100